Adventures in Permaculture: Australia

“Adventures in Permaculture: Australia”


Ever feel like a modern-day Noah? You see the flood coming – and want to help build the boat?

Like many in the environmental movement, I’d heard the term “permaculture” now and then but didn’t really know what it was. I finally took a Permaculture Design Course and got the bug! Simply stated, permaculture is a system of designing human habitat and communities that cooperate with nature rather than work against it.

When I learned permaculture started in Australia, my wife and I (we’re both journalists by training) decided to go to Australia and see what people who have been doing it for 30-plus years had to say. The result is an article series and video called “Adventures in Permaculture: Australia.”

Our hope is that the video will be a really cool tool to help spread the word about how permaculture can help humanity survive the coming double-crisis of rapidly accelerating climate change and the end of cheap petroleum. All for the price of an average movie ticket! We hope you’ll get on board!

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Adventures in Permaculture: Australia (2014)


Runtime: 43 minutes – Documentary

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Permie-journos Steven Saint Thomas and Trudy Thomas visit the birthplace of permaculture – Australia – to learn what seasoned practitioners have to say after 30-plus years of work. Features interviews with permaculture co-founder David Holmgren, Su Dennett, Maureen Corbett, Sharon Gibson and John Champagne – all answering the question of how we build self-reliant communities in the face of rapid climate change and declining petroleum. Original soundtrack performed by Club of Rome. Available for download, streaming rental and on DVD.

Why not organize a small group? Use “Adventures in Permaculture: Australia” as a tool for group discussion. Click here for our companion study guide.