Volunteers & Interns


Hello maker of change!

We are seeking hardworking, motivated, independent folks with clear communication skills and a passion for sustainability through the practice of permaculture in the Humboldt Bay region.

Founded in 2013, Adventures in Permaculture promotes permaculture education and practice through videos, podcasts, blogs, permaculture design certification, permaculture classes and hands-on projects with volunteers and interns in Humboldt County, CA.


Volunteers: Volunteers typically work with us at the Halfway House Permaculture Learning Center in McKinleyville from a few days up to a few months. We focus on smaller projects and more daily maintenance on site. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer application form here.

Interns: Interns sign up for a season or two – up to a year. This is a more long-term, learning-based, integrated approach. We focus on larger projects and more individual tasks and assignments, both at Halfway House and throughout McKinleyville and Humboldt Bay. If you are interested in an internship, please fill out the intern application form here and send us (email or mail) your resume and cover letter explaining your motivation and goals.

Volunteers and interns develop custom work plans with Steve and Trudy, anytime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays. We do not provide meals or housing at this time, but that possibility is now under consideration for the right people.

Our principal projects for 2024 include garden food production, finishing construction of a 400-square-foot greenhouse with solar-thermal water heater and climate battery, and a light-straw clay (LSC) building project called The Cottage. You are likely to engage in and learn about the following:

• Permaculture design • Soil building & compost

• Polyculture gardening • Companion planting

• Transplanting • Pruning • Mulching

• Harvesting & seed saving

• Greenhouse design, management & maintenance

• Seasonal cooking • Rainwater Catchment

• Natural building & Salvage construction

• Herbalism • Tree management

• Salvage, gift & barter economies

• Social Permaculture & Village Shift

Thank you for considering Adventures in Permaculture!