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STEVEN SAINT THOMAS earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and has been writing articles for newspapers and magazines for the past 25 years. He has worked as an award-winning daily newspaper reporter in Colorado and editor of six community newspapers in San Diego. His freelance work has been carried by Reuters News and has appeared in more than 60 publications, including Time Magazine and the Denver Post.

TRUDY THOMAS holds a bachelor’s degree in Writing from Perelandra College and worked at both weekly and daily newspapers over the past 15 years. She specializes in New Media, including videography, website management and social media.

Both Steven and Trudy are available for freelance assignments and contract work in reporting, interviewing, writing, editing, publishing, video production and website design. Here are some samples of Steven’s articles. Much of Trudy’s work appears on this site, including Adventures in Permaculture video and web site design.

Supermax Prison and Guantanamo Bay – Reuters story – The Atlantic photo credit

Megachurch Pastor Ted Haggard resigns – Reuters story

Southern California Water Crisis – San Diego Earth Times story

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